Source code for meta.decompile

Decompiler module.

This module can decompile arbitrary code objects into a python ast. 

from meta.decompile.instructions import make_module, make_function

import _ast
import struct
import time
import sys
import marshal

[docs]def decompile_func(func): ''' Decompile a function into ast.FunctionDef node. :param func: python function (can not be a built-in) :return: ast.FunctionDef instance. ''' code = getattr(func, 'func_code', None) if code is None: raise TypeError('can not get ast from %r' % (func,)) # For python 3 defaults = func.func_defaults if sys.version_info.major < 3 else func.__defaults__ if defaults: default_names = code.co_varnames[:code.co_argcount][-len(defaults):] else: default_names = [] defaults = [_ast.Name(id='%s_default' % name, ctx=_ast.Load() , lineno=0, col_offset=0) for name in default_names] ast_node = make_function(code, defaults=defaults, lineno=code.co_firstlineno) return ast_node
[docs]def compile_func(ast_node, filename, globals, **defaults): ''' Compile a function from an ast.FunctionDef instance. :param ast_node: ast.FunctionDef instance :param filename: path where function source can be found. :param globals: will be used as func_globals :return: A python function object ''' funcion_name = module = _ast.Module(body=[ast_node]) ctx = {'%s_default' % key : arg for key, arg in defaults.items()} code = compile(module, filename, 'exec') eval(code, globals, ctx) function = ctx[funcion_name] return function
[docs]def decompile_pyc(bin_pyc, output=sys.stdout): ''' decompile apython pyc or pyo binary file. :param bin_pyc: input file objects :param output: output file objects ''' from meta.asttools import python_source bin = code = marshal.loads(bin[8:]) mod_ast = make_module(code) python_source(mod_ast, file=output)